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When you sign up for the Travel CallBack you will receive an Access number and an Authorization code. This information allows you change your callback number as frequently as you wish. So remember to take your Traveling System authorization codes with you when traveling.

Instructions for changing your callback number
1. Dial your "Follow Me" Access Number in the normal way as you would call up someone in the USA. Note : This is not a free call and you will incur a toll charge by the local phone company, which will only be a few seconds  needed to perform this change.
Listen For "Your Callback number is.......... If this correct, please hang up now, otherwise to change your Callback number, enter your Authorization Code now". By hanging up you will  in 2-3 seconds receive a callback signal to the currently programmed callback number.

Hint : Wait 3 seconds.

(2). Enter your 10 digit Authorization Code. Listen for "Please enter your Callback number now"
Enter your new Callback number. Note : Start Non-U.S., Canada, Caribbean numbers with ‘011’ and end with ‘ # ’ e.g to change your callback number to 08-815577 when you are in Stockholm Sweden (46), you will enter your new callback number as 011-46-8-815577#

Listen for the confirmation of the new Callback number. If correct, hang up, otherwise reenter new Callback number.

During a calling session :
You may also change your Callback number for the next time the Access code is dialed. Doing this during a calling session avoids paying the toll charged by the local telephone company.

Listen for "please enter your destination number now" Enter #9# (Callback number)#(optional  hotel room number)# Listen for "your Callback number is....... Please enter your destination number now"
Note : If no room number is needed, enter ## after the Callback number.
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