Even if you choose not to sell your goods or services online, a business web site can be a virtual marketing brochure that you can update on demand with little or no cost. Your presence on the Internet can be a useful marketing tool by providing richer pre-sale information or post-sale support and service. This might temporarily differentiate your product or service from your competitors'. E-marketing has lessened the disadvantage that small businesses have faced for years when competing with larger businesses. E-Commerce has redefined the marketplace, altered business strategies, and allowed global competition between local businesses. The term electronic commerce has evolved from meaning simply electronic shopping to representing all aspects of business and market processes enabled by the Internet and other digital technologies. Today's business emphasis is on e-commerce - rapid electronic interactions enabled by the Internet and other connected computer and telephone networks. Rapidly business transactions and unparalleled access to information is changing consumer behavior and expectations. Many small businesses assume that the Internet has little value to them because they feel that their product or service cannot be easily sold online. But inexpensive information processing and electronic media can help most small businesses provide better, faster customer service and communication. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to establish a web presence.  

Basics of eMarketing

Advanced Website Marketing

Advanced eMail Marketing

Advanced Search Marketing

When you complete the eMarketing e-course you will know:

eMarketing Business models
Internet history and statistics
Banner Advertising strategies
Banner advertising design
E-mail techniques and strategies
E-Mail problems and challenges
Writing styles for e-mail
Use of HTML and text in e-mail
Ethics in e-mail marketing
Mailing list criteria for e-mail marketing
Integration of online and conventional marketing
eMarketing definitions and terms
Permission marketing models
Legal implications of e-mail marketing
E-Commerce promotion tactics
E-Commerce strengths and weaknesses
Online publicity
Writing online press releases
Developing news stories
Developing effective databases
Effective search engine optimization
Directory vs. search engine differences
Metrics for eMarketing
Paid Placement search engine models
Use of auto-responders
Target marketing

When you complete the eMarketing e-course you will know:

Effective site navigation
Site design
Navigation for sales
Site typography
Browser solutions on the web
Colors and image flow
Use of flash and active x
Site requirements
Site diagnosis methods and tools
Effective copy techniques
Visitor expectations
Visitor load and its consequences
Credit card acceptance processes
eCommerce processes
Checkout fundamentals
Permission marketing models
Legal requirements for your site
Domain Registration and names
Site hosting models
Log files and metrics
Requirements of any website
Things to avoid
Competition analysis
Basic optimization
Site load speed and its effect on Marketing
Basic server issues
Shopping cart differences
Database and active server pages
Target marketing

When you complete the eMarketing e-course you will know:

Permission marketing
e-mail list rental
e-mail list compilation
software platforms for delivery of e-mail
legal issues
Spam Design techniques for effective e-mail Writing styles for more response
Metrics for e-mail marketing
hyperlinks in e-mail
HTML vs. plain text
Using rich media and graphics
Filtering systems E-mail bounces
Timing of e-mail releases
Managing e-mail marketing
ASP solutions for e-mail campaigns
Privacy issues
COPPA-US (Children Online Privacy Protection Act, more att
E-mail marketing planning
Demographic and Psychographics applications
Strategic positioning of e-mail in the media mix

When you complete the eMarketing e-course you will know:

How to get listed Using meta tags
Measuring and tracking success
How to get high rankings
Keyword selection
Pay for Position Programs
Site design techniques for higher rankings
How to deliver targeted pages
Search engine descriptions
Crawler based search engines
Search directories
Alt tags for your images
Using descriptions for your site
Cloaking and doorways, what to avoid
Search engine ethics
Landing pages from your listings
Managing pay for position services
Link building and analysis
Search engine algorithms
Search engine statistics for your marketing plan
Top search engines
Adding a search engine to your website
Meta tag lawsuits
How the Open Directory works
Search engine submission software and services

Ni kan anlita oss för att sköta er marknadsföring på Internet under en 1 - 6 månaders period (eller längre).

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